Offerings for Parishes

Called and Gifted Workshop

Friday Night/Saturday
Small groups – over 5 evenings
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Charisms: Discover Your Language for Evangelisation [1 hour]

Each of us has received a unique combination of spiritual gifts [charisms] to equip us for our mission in life. This means that our evangelising style will be unique. This presentation looks at the lives of the saints and how they approached their mission using their own unique gift mix. Lots of interaction as participants discuss the charisms of some saints and contemporary holy people. The workshop encourages participants to look at their own giftedness and invites them to further discernment.

The Mission of the Laity [1 hour]

The workshop assists parishioners in understanding that their mission is beyond the Church – to the world – and to help parishes understand their role in forming parishioners, not for service to the parish, but for evangelisation in the world. The role of the parish is to form lay apostles.

We begin with Matthew 29:18 and look at the development of teaching on the role of the laity from Vatican II to the present day, with reference to Popes Paul VI, JPII, Benedict XVI and Pope Francis as well as the teachings and practice of Melbourne Archbishops Carr and Mannix. It is not widely known that  Archbishop Mannix wrote to the Vatican II fathers about his views on the role of the laity – remarkable insights from a man in the 99th year of his life.

Becoming Co-responsible for the Mission of the Church [90mins or 3 hours]

Assists parishes in developing evangelisation programs to help parishioners become responsible members of the Church. Many people in our pews are not yet Intentional Disciples. This workshop challenges parishes to invite its members into full discipleship. It explores the journey of conversion; identifies five ‘thresholds of conversion’ and explores how these thresholds can be bridged.

Based on Sherry Weddell’s book: Forming Intentional Disciples

The shorter version is an introduction to the main ideas in Forming Intentional Disciples. The longer version provides opportunities for practical application of these principles in a parish setting.  

Discern your Charisms and Discover your Vocation [1 hour or 3 hours]

This workshop is an introduction to discerning our Baptismal Vocation through the discernment of charisms [spiritual gifts].

We have all heard that God has a plan for our lives, but sometimes it is hard to find the road map. This presentation looks at the ‘clues’ God had given us for finding our path. Some of these clues are provided for us though the gifts [charisms] we receive at Baptism. These are discerned in the context of the situation in which we live and the teaching of the Church.

The longer version invites greater interactive participation.

The shorter version is a good introduction for parish councils who may be considering the Called and Gifted Workshop for their parish.

Caroline Chisholm: Prophet of the Laity [1 hour]

Learn about this remarkable Australian pioneer and discover how her life is a model for the Lay Vocation. Married, mother of nine, advocate for women and family, involved in the central issued of her day which are still burning issued in society today. And motivated by faith.

The principles that motivated her were the same principles identified by Pope Leo XIII in the great social justice encyclical  Rerum Novarum, written 16 years after her death. A century later, Pope John Paul II wrote an apostolic exhortation on the laity – it could have been written about Caroline Chisholm.

A lively and engaging presentation about a truly remarkable woman.

Women with a Heart for God’s People

An introduction to some remarkable women. Some recognised as saints by the Church, others not yet there. These include: Caroline Chisholm, Dorothy Day, Catherine of Siena, Mary Glowrey. These women were adept at reading ‘the signs of the times’. They saw social problems and they came up with practical solutions. Revolutionary in their own time they continue to challenge us today.

Mystics: people at ease with the themselves and the world because they are at ease with God



Personal, practical and challenging! A great insight into the role we can all play in the Church.” 
 Andrew, teacher, Melbourne

“A liberating experience. It gave me the confidence to name my call and alter my career path so that my charisms can be more fully utilized.”
Leonie, Nurse, Geelong

“I would urge anyone who is thinking about Called and Gifted to make time to do the workshop – it will change your life.”
Joan, Parishioner, Melbourne

“It was like going to the optician, it all became clearer about how my gifts assisted others and brought fulfilment to myself. I feel much more at home with these gifts and it has helped me to grow in love with God and the community.”
Fr John, Parish Priest, Canberra-Goulburn

“Using a charism is like opening a window through which you see a sliver of how things are done in the Kingdom of Heaven. In a very realy way, it is the Lord sharing himself personally with you as he goes about redeeming the world.”
Fr Frank, Parish Priest, Melbourne